Target LT-450 complete laser diffuser system, includes the LT-400 car kit and home remote control system

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Target LT-450

The Complete System includes both the LT-400 Car Kit and the LT-430 Home System.
Availability: Usually dispatched within 24 hours
Includes: LT-400 car transponder, LT-420 basic transponder, control circuit board, piezo signal device, LED, water leveller, all required connection and fastening material

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The Vehicle transponder (LT400) is a passive device with a unique ID reference code. This same ID code is learned by the Home Transponder and when recognising the matching of the two codes the Home transponder sends a signal to the Home Controller Circuit Board which is capable of switching on specific electrical products - these could range from low voltage security lighting through to garage doors, security gates or outside lights ( max 500 watts switching ).

The intelligent technology recognises signals of other laser systems using the same wavelength (904 nanometres) and shuts itself off to prevent failures, informing the driver through a visual and audio signal.

The LT450 also however...

The Car Kit includes the following:

The Home System includes the following:

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