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Beltronics PRO RX65 E

"The RX65 provides 10 times the performance of any detector on the market today!"

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Beltronics RX65

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"...the tool of choice for the serious road warrior."-

Longest Radar Detection Range

Beltronics is the technology leader in radar and laser protection. The RX65 incorporates our latest patented technology to give you the best protection possibly. In fact the RX65 provides 10 times the performance of any detector on the market today!

Lighting-fast Response Time

The Pro RX65 will detect and process a radar signal in less than 500 milliseconds! This response time is crucial against the latest instant-on and low -powered radar guns. No other detector provides this level of response.

Most Advanced Anti-Falsing Software

Our patented AutoScan filter continually analyses all incoming signals and virtually eliminates false alerts. This unique level of digital signal processing (DSP) provides the perfect balance of sensitivity and selectivity.

Multi-Sensor 360 Degree Laser Protection

Multiple Laser sensors, strategically places in the detector, continually search for Laser gun signals. Our Total Tracking Laser ensures the best protection possibly

All-Band Coverage

The Pro RX65 covers all Radar and Laser frequencies, Plus Ku-band for European travellers.

Easy-to-Use Controls

Advanced technology does not mean it's hard to use. Preset at our factory, the Pro RX65 is optimised for use in Europe. However, you can choose to customise it for your specific country via our easy-to-use menu system.

Clear and Understandable Voice Alerts

The Pro RX65 comes complete with clear and understandable voice alerts, eliminating the need to learn different tones for different radar bands. This allows you to keep your eyes on the road, and still be fully aware of the situation.

Ultra-Bright Text Display

All information is easily seen on our high-definition display. A standard bar-graph provides the radar band and relative signal strength as you approach the source. Other display options are available, including ThreatDisplay which tracks multiple signals, for the more technically advanced drivers.

Brightness Control with full Dark Mode

The Pro RX65 has four levels of brightness to choose from, including full dark mode for discreet night travel.

Automute and Mute

The Pro RX65's AutoMute feature will automatically reduce the alert volume level during a long radar encounter, or you can simply press the convenient mute button on the included SmartPlug to silence the audio.

Selectable City Mode Filters

If you frequently drive in congested City's, the Pro RX65 provides three levels of city mode filters, including Low X and No X, for quiet operation in town.

Complete VG2 Immunity

The ProRX65 incorporates our exclusive Shadow Technology circuitry, making it invisible to the VG2 radar detector detector.

Complete Protection Package

The Pro RX65 included our unique SmartPlug, with convenient mute button, alert lamp and power-on indicator, and a rugged aluminium travel case.


Operating Bands

Radar Receiver/Detector Type
Superheterodyne, VTO
Scanning Frequency Discriminator
Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

Laser Detection

Quantum Limited Video Receiver
Multiple Laser Sensor Diodes

Display Type

Programmable Features

Sensitivity Control

Dimensions (MM)

 31.75H x 69.85W x 120.65L

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