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Snooper Truckmate S8110




Truckmate S8110 is the latest seven inch truck dedicated satellite navigation device from Snooper. This sophisticated truck specific sat nav feature's a built-in ‘Freeview’ DVB-T2 Digital TV, an enhanced three watt speaker plus coupled this with Truckmate’s award winning software and you have the leading truck sat nav around.

Truckmate's software will create a route based on the attributes of your vehicle. Simply tell Truckmate the size and weight of your vehicle, plus the type of load if applicable and Truckmate's software will calculate a safe, truck friendly route. Routes will be calculated based on roads with adequate width and height, excluding roads with low bridges or weight restrictions plus many other hazards.

  • Lifetime Europen Maps - install and update maps for free
  • Lifetime Traffic Information - Receive traffic alerts across Europe
  • Full European Mapping Included (Includes UK/ROI & Europe)
  • 7” widescreen LCD touch screen
  • Digital street map software - Here® Maps for Life
  • Multi-route technology
  • Truck specific point-of-interest search applications
  • Specially formulated lane and junction software
  • Built-in 'Freeview' Digital TV

    Further Information

    New and improved mapping
    Latest street level mapping supplied by Navteq, ensuring truck drivers get to their destinations easily and safely

    Junction view
    Full screen images of main motorway junctions are displayed in advance to help you navigate more safely.

    Unique lane guidance
    Specially formulated lane guidance software provides advanced notice of which lane or lanes to use when approaching junctions for safer driving.

    My Speed®
    The speed limit of nearly every road across Europe can now be clearly displayed on your S8110 Truckmate at all times. Choose between speed limits for cars and advisory speed limits for trucks from 3.5t and over. In addition, My Speed can also be set to alert you if you accidentally exceed the speed limit at any time.

    Premium TMC (Traffic Management Content) - FREE of charge!
    If you drive for a living you will know the importance of needing to know exactly what lies ahead. Accurate and reliable information is a must to ensure that you arrive on time. Truckmate PRO's Traffic information is fed from 100's of thousands of vehicles and sensors across the country providing up to the second information. Truckmate's FREE TMC service will then alert you to traffic incidents across the country. If there is congestion on your route simply ask Truckmate to find an alternative route around it.

    Making driving easier is at the heart of what we do and with Truckmate's new S8110 we have combined the in-vehicle charger with a premium TMC antenna, reducing the amount of cables you require for the device and reducing the chances of losing that important traffic management antenna.

    FM transmitter.
    Truckmate Pro S8110 has a built-in FM Transmitter and a larger speaker for improved audible navigational instructions. By utilising the FM Transmitter, Truckmate Pro S8100 will deliver superior street-by-street directions through the vehicle's built-in speakers. Perfect for any truck or larger commercial vehicle.

    Bluetooth handsfree technology.
    Stay on the right side of the law. The Truckmate PRO S8110 is equipped with Bluetooth handsfree technology so that if you do have to take a call whilst you are on the move you can do so safely, with both hands still on the steering wheel

    Navigate by Junction number
    Search and navigate to motorway junction numbers using the updated 'Find by map' function including Junction numbers

    Customised your routing.
    All Truckmate devices allow drivers to choose between the quickest or shortest route available and even avoid toll roads or motorways.

    Your route.
    Create and save your own bespoke routes. Use the map view to select the roads you would like to travel on or search road by road. Use 'Your route' to build your own personal, tailored routes, perfect if you are a truck driver with multi delivery drops.

    Making a multi-stop journey can cause drivers huge headaches; What is the best route? Where should we stop first? Truckmate PRO S8110 will take away that headache and plan your multi-stop route accommodating up to 16 destinations at the press of a button. Using the multi-route icon, simply search and select the destinations you require either by postcode, city, POI or even favourites and S8100 will plot a route through each stop off. Want the best route available? Press the rearrange button on your S8110 and it will place the destinations into the most logical order, giving you the simplest and most cost effective route for your journey.

    Multiple vehicle dimensions.
    Regularly drive different trucks and trailers? Truckmate units allow owners to save up to 10 different vehicle profiles, making it easy to switch and change between trucks and trailers and receive routing specific to that vehicle. You can even save the load type you carry with that vehicle profile.

    Point of interest 'corridor' search.
    Choose to search from our extensive list of Point's of Interest using our new 'corridor' search facility. The 'corridor' search function enables you to search specifically along your pre-programmed route.

    Truckmate AdBlue Filling Station POI.
    All Truckmate Satellite Navigation systems come with Air1® AdBlue Retail Filling Station POI. Select AdBlue POI and Truckmate will show and guide you to the nearest filling station. You can even add an Air1® AdBlue stop into your route with corridor search.

    New and Improved Menu Display.
    Truckmate PRO S8110 includes a completely new and updated menu design, making it easier to find the functions you require. Brighter, stylish and easier to use.

    Truckmate - more hazard information than any other sat nav designed for trucks.
    Truckmate uses Here® transport data to provide the core truck data. However Truckmate also incorporates additional information ensuring more comprehensive cover than other sat navs using the standard Here® package. Truckmate offers greater cover on smaller, narrower roads where it is most needed. Truckmate has more hazard information on more roads across Europe than any other portable sat nav system designed for trucks.


    DVB-T2 TV Freeview Digital Television
    Truckmate PRO S8110 includes a built-in DVB-T2 TV (Digital Video Broadcasting Transmitter) providing Freeview Digital Television. Watch your favourite channels whilst taking a break from the driving!

    Full postcode search.
    To ensure the most accurate postcode search available Truckmate uses Royal Mail. The most comprehensive of it's kind.

    Snooper Truckmate Camera Alerts

    Snooper Truckmate will provide personal alerts of the following speed traps and hazards:

    • Gatso & Truvelo Cameras
    • Watchman
    • MCS (Multi Camera System)
    • Speedcurb
    • SPECs average speed
    • Roadwork cameras
    • DS 2
    • Accident Hotspots
    • High Risk Zones
    • Mobile Laser
    • Mobile Safety Vans
    • Temporary Gatso
    • Truvelo Cameras
    • Congestion Charge Cameras
    • Digital Cameras
    • Schools (optional)

      As well as the UK and Ireland, the AURA™ speed camera database now offers Worldwide protection. Included in our speed camera system are locations in Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Luxembourg, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Romania, Russia, North America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa and is still growing.

      Key Features of Snooper S8110 Truckmate

      • DVB-T2 TV Digital TV (in areas with free-to-air digital TV reception)
      • Anti-reflective, full colour 7" Touchscreen LCD Widescreen display
      • Multi-address input (Up to 16 destinations)
      • Bluetooth handsfree
      • TyrePilot Compatible
      • Built in microphone
      • Fully portable - easily transferable
      • 2D and 3D Screen Views on 7 Inch Screen
      • Live TMC traffic jam information with re-route
      • Euro Mapping included as standard
      • Route Preview - review route before you start travelling
      • FULL 7 Digit Postcode search
      • Up to 7 different search methods
      • 'One touch' home and office route programmer
      • Built-in Li-ion rechargeable battery
      • Turn-by-Turn Voice instructions
      • Most sensitive built in GPS antenna available
      • Route choice: fastest, shortest, avoiding toll roads and congestion charging
      • Mapping provided by HERE®
      • Points of Interest lists from petrol stations to golf courses
      • GPS Auto Timeset
      • Speed Camera detection using Snooper's AURA database

      Extended European Cover now extends to

      UK, Rep of Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Turkey, Greece, Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, F.Yugoslavia Rep.of Macedonia, and Russia

      What's included?

      • Truckmate PRO S8110
      • Extended European mapping
      • Windscreen mounting bracket
      • 24V Vehicle charger
      • Home charger
      • USB cable
      • CD Rom User Manual
      • TMC Antenna
      • Hard Carry Case